What does it means?


 1. Characteristic of a well-mannered woman or girl who adheres to traditional norms of propriety and femininity

2. Appropriate to such a woman or girl, as in being restrained or delicate

 3. Feeling or showing too much concern about elegance or propriety  


• Genteel

• Elegant

• Cultured

• Courtly

• Modest

• Polite

• Proper

• Decorous

Well after my deep and extended research on the internet this is what I found so I share it with you since I wanted to explain on a really general way what the world “ladylike” means for us t start understanding each other.

If you, after reading the description above, found that you personality or style of life fits somehow to any of those words, then I must disappointed you and let you know already that this blog won’t be for you to read. But if it happens to you (so like it happened to me) to find those worlds far away from you “I’m like this” tough then I’m glad to welcome you.

This blog will be my way to share the world and more ladies like me that no matter how hard you try being ladylike is not an easy thing to do, and that even tough I will probably never reach that level of elegance I’m a 27 year old Mexican girl, living an amazing life in Europe who loves to meet people and enjoy what life puts on my way !

I also want to dedicate thi Blog to all of you who have ever share a moment of “elegance” with me, I love all of this moments and those moments make my life so amazing 🙂

So let’s see how this thing goes and how far or how near we will get to our gol, are you ready?

See you around,